Thank you for your visit!〜2月23日イベント〜


Thank you for joining us at our event themed ‘From Winter to Spring.’ 

We were delighted to have you! The session was successful, as you visited us. We hope you found the event informative and enjoyable. 

We enjoyed the parachute with the petals on it as a fun learning experience. Then, we read a book. We learned some vocabulary, such as ‘Tap’, ‘Clap’, and ‘Jiggle’. By reading that book, we let you expose yourselves to some knowledge about the changes of the environment from the winter to the spring, so when you witness them in the environment, you can relate today’s learning to the real world. Apart from that, in relation to the theme, we decorated Cherry blossom trees, which you will see in your surroundings soon. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s lesson experience and information session.

The next event will be held on Saturday, March 9th.

Please come and visit us. To make a reservation, please contact from here.