Exploring Light and Shadows 〜光の探求〜 Part II


Kindergarten is a time of discovery, and what better way to explore the mysteries of the world than through the enchanting interplay of light and shadows? Understanding these concepts not only satisfies a child’s natural curiosity but also lays the foundation for more advanced scientific knowledge in the future.

To kick off this inquiry, we created an inviting learning environment with a dedicated “Shadow Corner” in the classroom. We set up our light source, a flashlight, and a blank tablecloth to use as a backdrop and our canvas to explore the magical world of shadows.

Hand puppets are delightful tools that add a touch of playfulness to the learning experience. We began with an introduction to the concept of shadows through a shadow puppet show.

The children’s imaginations were sparked and they took the stage next. They were divided into small groups, then encouraged to experiment and explore different shapes, movements, and distances from the light source to observe the changes in the shadows cast on the wall.

As they played, the children were guided with open-ended questions:
・How does the size of the puppet affect the shadow?
・Can you make the puppet’s shadow move in a certain direction?
・What happens when you bring the puppet closer to or farther away from the light?
Through these observations, the children not only enjoy the playful interaction with shadow puppets but also begin to grasp fundamental concepts of light and shadows.

After the hands-on exploration, we gathered for a reflective discussion to share their observations and discoveries.

As an extension of our shadow puppet activities, the children used aluminum foil to make abstract sculptures with the reflective material. Their audience had lots of fun guessing what it was their shadows made!